Business Area

Added a new collaboration with the group company, we offer comprehensive range of solutions for the existing area and the new business area.

Our core technology is the imaging display technology. We have developed a wide range of display-related hardware and software products since started our business.
Today, a high level man-machine interface is required in industrial and consumer equipments, and an interactive display technology including a touch panel in its has become the most important function in the system.
Adding a new collaboration with group companies, we support customer’s product development by providing comprehensive range of solutions of hardware and even display contents for embedded application market which requires various display functions.



With the IT of the hospital, the importance of digital medical image display (filmless correspondence) is growing. Of IT was a large-scale hospital center the past, due to such revision of the health insurance number, small and medium-sized hospitals and clinics, has spread to the clinic, the market scale is expanding.

Although we are we have been developing and selling the graphics board for medical imaging monitors for many years, in recent years a very high cost performance, it is possible to provide a FVT series products that take advantage of the general-purpose monitor, medical facilities like the film it corresponds to the various needs in-less.


Graphics for Industrial

The Company from the early 2000s of the liquid crystal monitor dawn, developed the graphics board with the image display LSI developed in-house to a high-definition LCD monitor for, such as air traffic control applications, we have been selling.

Image display in the industrial sector has been increasing a variety of needs and applications to migrate to a system where the PC to the platform. Typified by digital signage has emerged also new and diverse uses, in order to better man-machine interface are also expected to more advanced image display is widened.