About us

RealVision Inc.

HQ location: Akasaka Tokyo

Capital 30,000,000 JPY

CEO Hidenari Numata
Director Yasunari Wakao
Director Koji Owaki
Auditor Kazumori Inamine

Group Company

- RVH Inc.
- JOBU Inc.
- Legal Vision Co.,Ltd
- K2D Co.,Ltd
- Skylink Inc.
- Musee Inc.


- Jul. 1996 Founded
- Jan. 1998 Developed the first 3D graphics LSI
- Jul. 1999 NEC adopted our LSI for their workstation
- Nov. 2001 Launched the first graphics board [VREngine/MD3] for the
medical monitor.
- Apr. 2003 Launched the quality control software for the medical monitor [Lumical] and started to provide OEM vendor with the software.
- Sep. 2003 Shipped the first graphics LSI for amusement (Pachinko).
- May 2007 Launched the new medical monitor solution [FVT200].
- Oct. 2012 Launched the new software [FVT-air] as a successor product of FVT200.
- Dec. 2013 Launched [FVT-4K] to expand “4K” to the medical market.
- Apr. 2015 The company divided into RealVision Inc. and RVH Inc., the holding company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.